North Extra Combo Cancun - Panoramic Tour

North Extra Combo Cancun - Panoramic Tour

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Duration: 2:00 hour flight. 
Travel distance: 205 nautical miles / 379 kms. 

Points of interest: 

This tour includes all showed in the Cancun north combo tour plus ... Petenes-Zone 
-The Cuyo Yucatan 
-The Coloradas, Yucatan Salt-dunes in Yucatan with colors pink and red Area of flamingos and herons Rio Lagartos
- and back to Cancun for coastal path ...

Duration: 2:00 flight hours.

Route: 205 nm / 379 kms.


Points of interest:


This tour includes everything of  the north  Cancun  tour plus...

The Cuyo Yucatan

The coloradas, Yucatan alt-dunes in yucatán with pink and red colors in the area of flamingos

And back to Cancún along the coast.

Plan for all tours:

Point-Departure: Cancun Airport Terminal FBO

Session -Boarding and photo to address passengers

Cessna 206

Maximum number of 5 passengers

Speed -Flying: 125 knots / 231 km / hr.

Possibility of visual flight, instrument flight (in case of bad weather on the road)

Navigation and GPS instrument.

Prices :

Number of persons Price per person
2 $441 USD
3 $ 294 USD
4 $ 220 USD
5 $ 179 USD

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