Ultralight Airplane Flights in Chichen Itza

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Enjoy the most exciting adventure in the heart of the mayan world in Yucatan, Chichen itza.

Fly in an ultralight plane for 15 minutes in the vicinity of the archaeological center of Chichen itza and admire the beautiful landscapes of this world wonder of humanity in the middle of the jungle.

Fly 500 meters above the ground at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour.

You will fly in a ultralight plane category piloted by an expert pilot with a special license for this type of aircraft.

Inside the plane you will be harnessed and completely in the open air.

The sensation is similar to a flying motorcycle. It is a unique activity in the country.

You will be given a brief description of our aircraft. We will explain how

the plane flies and how it is supported. We will start the flight over CChichen Itza International Airport and fly over the ruins of Chichen Itza.

I You will get to know Chichen Itza from a different perspective, all your senses Will interact with the archaeological site.

To make this tour is necessary to make a reservation in advance, the departure is from the airport of Chichen Itza, if you want ground transportation to Chichen Itza we can offer it with extra charge.

The tour schedules are every 30 minutes from 9 am to 2 pm.

The cost per person $ 253 dollars

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